Debunking 3 Key Feedback Myths

So we were recently lucky enough to be in Sydney, Australia working and decided to use the fantastic backdrop in a short vlog we recorded whilst out there.   Feedback is always a popular topic on the programmes we deliver and we wanted to just detail 3...

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So what, Now what?

As many of you will already know we do quite a bit of work in education, which is how we first came across this TED talk from Linda Cliatt-Wayman, but in truth it's contains some very powerful leadership messages regardless of your occupation.   In her TED...

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6 Steps to Smart Simplicity

Here's a Ted talk from Yves Morieux with a somewhat challenging view on why productivity and motivation are falling in most companies and organisations, despite all the advances in technology and communication.   In this 10 minute video he challenges the two accepted pillars of management in...

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