Upskill Internal Resource

What is it?

Simply put this is about training internal people, both business leaders and HR managers.  It can either be about upskilling them in a specific skill, e.g. how to lead people through change, or focused on the actual training / facilitation skills required, e.g. how to deal with disruptive participants or how best to use visual aids like PowerPoint.   It could even be both of these things, via a ‘train the trainer’ event.


We can also help with the recruitment of this resource and the writing of any training material if required.

How does it work?

If we’re upskilling individuals with specific pieces of content or how to train others in a specific skill, we normally implement a phased handover of responsibility. This hand-over usually contains the participant observing, co-delivering and then being observed whilst they deliver, but it can be flexible depending on specific needs.


If we are training people on how to deliver engaging and learner focused training, i.e. the training skills, these are normally one off events, but we also offer the option of observed delivery and feedback if required.

How does it help?

Most organisations want to use this method to enable them to become self-sufficient and ensure they maintain knowledge within the business.  It allows them to maximise their own resources, which can be seen as a great development opportunity for people. Often businesses find using internal business leaders to deliver training is an extremely effective way of buying people into the key messages.


They have found the injection of new ideas and methodologies from an external source like us, coupled with our training expertise and their internal knowledge of the business provides the best results.

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