What is it?

A series of one to one sessions focused on helping an individual to explore possible solutions to specific issues or challenges they may be facing. Importantly an individual needs to want to be coached, rather than, as often happens, they are given one because of ‘kudos’.   The person being coached, sometimes in partnership with their line manager, sets the goals and targets they want to achieve by the end of the sessions.

How does it work?

We normally start with an initial conversation with the individual to discuss why they feel coaching is right for them, and importantly for the coachee to see if they could work with us, and vice versa. This is especially important when you consider the levels of personal disclosure sometimes required during coaching sessions.


Following this initial meeting, we meet with the individual and a representative from the organisation (especially if they are funding the coaching), more often than not the line manager, to agree the individual’s, organisation’s and coach’s expectations and required outcomes.


The coaching itself involves a series of one to one sessions with the individual, either face to face or by Phone/Skype, depending on what has been agreed in the meetings, with a review meeting scheduled at the end to assess and evaluate success against the agreed outcomes.

How does it help?

Coaching is an incredibly powerful and empowering solution, when used at the right time, as it enables the individual to find their own solutions to issues or problems affecting their performance, by allowing them time to discuss and explore all possible options. It increases the individual’s confidence in their ability to achieve results and places the responsibility for action firmly with the individual.

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