5 Minute Leadership Q&A – I’m Fine…

The question this time is “How can I get my people to open up to me more and tell me how they are really feeling, instead of just replying with ‘I’m fine’?”


How many times have you had this happen to you?


We are willing to bet its frustrating, especially as you really want to know what’s going on for your people and how they are actually doing.


In today’s Q&A we’ve included  4 things to try that will  help you get better responses and start to open up the conversation.


Although we don’t mention it in the Q&A also think about how they answer the question, look at their non- verbal communication.  For example are they looking you in the eye or at the floor when they answer. If normally they are bubbly and bright but today they seem subdued or vice versa, something has clearly changed. You need to pick up on that and show you’ve noticed.


Anyway enough from us, give the Q&A a watch and as always let us know what you think.


Speak to you soon


Martin & Elizabeth


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  • I presume the “F” means “Fairly”??

    October 27, 2016 at 1:20 am

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