Hot House

What is it?

This is where we work with a specific team, using various tools to solve their current team issues, help to build the relationships between team members and improve the overall team performance.   It is purely focused on that one specific team and involves all team members.

How does it work?

Firstly we identify the specific needs of the team and understand their goals and aspirations for how they want to work together. This includes diagnosing some of the current barriers to achieving this and some of the potential conflicts that may be occurring.


Having done this we then use a variety of methods including facilitated team sessions, one to one coaching & mentoring and behavioural profiling tools to help the team reach their goals

How does it help?

First and foremost this method brings to the surface unresolved issues and hidden conflicts, enabling the team to deal with them effectively.  It also provides the individual team members with a greater insight into their colleagues and how their natural preferences might be impacting on each other.  Once they know this they can develop specific strategies for maximising the strengths of each other and mitigating any potential ‘clashes’.  In short it is a really effective way of building a high performing team.


In addition to this it can also be a really great way to provide the business / organisation with a specific example of ‘what good looks like’, so can used as a case study to help persuade the rest of the business to adopt new ways of working.

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