Modular Programme

What is it?

A series of interrelated ½ or full day workshops, put together to form a structured development programme. Focused on developing a comprehensive leadership toolkit and increasing overall leadership capability, it follows a logical pattern designed to maximise the opportunities for the participants to demonstrate what they have learnt.

How does it work?

Typically run over a number of months, the bespoke programme could contain elements of face to face delivery, on-the-job training / coaching, self-directed learning and line manager involvement, depending on your specific needs.


The workshops are designed to upskill participants with specific skills, the on-the-job training / coaching allows them to practise these skills in a real life environment, the self-directed leaning improves knowledge & understanding and the line manager involvement ensures on-going support and measurement of success.

How does it help?

These programmes are usually designed to increase overall organisational leadership capability, and provide a structured approach to leadership development within the business.


An additional benefit is they create a common language and a set of working practices for leadership, that can be hugely influential on how clear employees are about what’s expected of them and how engaged they feel because of the way they are treated by their line manager.

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