Inspirational Leadership for Headteachers
Cardiff & Newport Primary Clusters

The background / request

  • An experienced group of Primary School Headteachers looking for some additional leadership development outside the standard Government qualifications


  • They were looking for transferable leadership tools and techniques from the commercial world

What we did

Designed and delivered a 2 x two- day programme focused on:

Behavioural Expectations

Creating a set of clear consistent expectations outlining the specific behavioural standards required of all staff.

Developing Others

Understanding and practicing key leadership skills and the corresponding leadership styles required to develop people effectively.


The skills required to provide effective evidenced based feedback utilising a structured framework.

High Performing Teams

Understanding how high performing teams operate, the activities required to build and maintain them and their key characteristics.

Effective Influencing

The skills required to effectively demonstrate five distinct styles of influencing and when it’s appropriate to use each one.

The results

  • Many of the original participants have moved to bigger schools both inside and outside of the authority


  • A number of participants commented that the programme fundamentally changed both their leadership thinking and approach which has subsequently transformed a number of their school practices and improved overall results.


  • One Headteacher underpinned her pupil reward & recognition strategy using one of the programme’s key messages


  • We have subsequently run the same programme in Monmouthshire for both Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers


  • We were commissioned to run three follow up events to build upon the tools and the techniques from the original programme

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