What are they?

Practical full day or half day workshops normally based on a specific topic. Predominantly these workshops are focused on developing the capability and confidence of the participants in a particular skill, e.g. delivering difficult messages etc…


Our Masterclasses typically contain an element of theory combined with lots of opportunities to practise and ask questions, so by the end of them participants not only understand the topic, but also feel they have something they can practically use.

How do they work?

Depending on your specific needs, we can either deliver a series of Masterclasses on a variety of different topics or simply deliver a one off event.   The beauty of them is they are really flexible; and because they can be half day sessions, reduce the amount of time participants spend out of the business.

How do they help?

They are specifically designed to address an identified skills gap, e.g. how to conduct really great 1:1’s or how to create powerful performance objectives etc…  Because of this they provide participants with tailored input, focused on the practical application, which increases the likelihood of them being able to demonstrate it in the workplace.


They are a great way of introducing people who are new into the organisation to your specific leadership ways of working and can be a quick way to easily enhance existing capability.

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