Top 500 Manager’s Programme

The background / request

  • The client recognised the need to move away from a command and control environment, which was resulting in ‘role suppression’, and an absence of decision making


  • As part of this initiative they asked us to write the flagship leadership programme for their newly  launched  on-line portal aimed at  their top 500 managers  – The Leadership Development Zone (LDZ)

What we did

  • Designed and delivered a modular programme run over a 9 month period, which  focused on providing a comprehensive leadership toolkit


  • Participants were put in control of their own learning and deliverable outcomes, using the framework below:


  • Seven face to face modules
  • A comprehensive set of leadership tools and techniques



  • Participants completed an individual S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Examined capability of both themselves and their team



  • Participants committed to actioning 3 measurable leadership priorities, based on the findings from their S.W.O.T. analysis

The results

  • In total nine programmes were run with approximately 80 managers attending over a three year period


  • The programmes tools, techniques and language have become embedded within the organisation; with the Estates Services Director using the programme’s key leadership messages to underpin his entire leadership development strategy – ensuring all senior managers attended


  • The programme consistently received excellent participant and line manager feedback and was the most requested development solution on the on-line portal (The LDZ)


  • £236,000 per week saving achieved  in a single supply depot, by one manager after implementing the programme’s leadership practices


  • The Group Data Protection Manager achieved her highest personal performance rating after attending the programme.  She was subsequently seconded and turned a demotivated team into ‘excellent or outstanding’ performers.


  • At least 5 of the programme participants have subsequently been promoted within the business,  citing the programme’s tools and overall ethos as key to their success


  • When evaluated, capability for all the programme’s leadership tools was over 70% amongst the participants

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