The ten Golden Rules of Leadership 360 feedback tool – NOW AVAILABLE!

Since we published our book last year, we’ve been working on developing a tool that will enable leaders to understand how well they demonstrate each one of the ten Golden Rules of Leadership.  We want to help people understand which specific Golden Rules they might need to focus on developing and which ones are natural strengths for them.


With this in mind we are delighted to announce that the ten Golden Rules of Leadership 360 feedback tool is now available to purchase.


We have started using it with clients in the last few months and it is already delivering some fascinating themes and results from both an individual and organisational perspective.  As well as what you might expect from identifying individual strengths and development needs,  without giving away any confidential information, it has already helped one organisation to identify a potential succession plan challenge that they hadn’t identified and another to realise how much leaders not stamping out ‘ office gossip’ was affecting morale.


In each individual ten Golden Rules of Leadership 360 feedback report, the respondent will be able to see how closely or differently they see themselves to how others see them in relation to each of the ten Golden Rules.  Their observers will also have the opportunity to comment on what they see as the respondent’s specific leadership strengths and what they would like to see them do differently or develop further. As with all 360’s, all of the observer responses, apart from the respondent’s line manager, are anonymous to protect confidentiality and to encourage people to tell the respondent what they need to hear as opposed to what they think they want to hear.


The recipient of The ten Golden Rules of Leadership 360 will receive a report that will provide them with an excellent starting point to have some insightful and meaningful leadership conversations about their own strengths and development areas.  We will of course offer support and ideas about the best way to start, conduct or encourage these follow up conversations.


If you are interested and want to find out a little more on how the ten Golden Rules of Leadership 360 works, how it could help you, the cost of a report or anything else ten Golden Rules of Leadership related, please get in touch today by emailing or  calling 0113 829 3144.


To view a sample report please click this link:


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