What’s your face

We came across this brilliant, funny and insightful article recently written by Patrick Lencioni one of our leadership heroes. If you haven’t already you really should check out his books.


We don’t want to give too much away as Lencioni says it better than we can but he says everyone has ‘a face’. We often find ourselves talking to the leaders we work with about the need for congruency and how important it is for the words and pictures to match. For example how many of us have been in a situation when a leader or manager has been talking to us at work about ‘an exciting new change forthcoming in the business’ but how they look and their facial expression says exactly the opposite and actually how they really feel about it.


Lencioni makes some really good points about the impact our ‘faces’ can have on others and what we need to do.




Have a read and let us know what you think. And by the way if you are wondering if we have faces too, yes we do. Ours are MC Narky and L’il Miss Disgusted


Speak soon, tendevelopment out (drops mic)



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