The workplace is changing

We were recently doing some research about the different generations in the workplace for a client piece of work and we came across this really great video from one of our favourite leadership gurus Simon Sinek where he talks about Millennials (typically the 20 – 35 year old employees).


To be fair there is a lot of press about this particular group of people at present, mainly discussing the challenges they present the people leading them and the effect they are having on the modern day workplace.  Simon, however offers a really interesting take on it, which for us, is very aligned to our number one Golden Rule of Leadership Know your people, know your people, know your people.


His observation about what normally happens with phones in meetings and what we should actually do is absolutely spot on … if a little scary!


If you’ve never seen him in action before, it’s well worth a watch; if you have, you don’t need us to tell you it will be 15 minutes well spent!


It would be good to know what you think


Martin & Elizabeth 

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