5 Minute Leadership Q&A – ‘Is taking my team bowling a good idea?’

The subject of this Q&A is one of the topics many leaders, including ourselves, have wrestled with over the years…


How many of us, as leaders in a desire to build the team have thought about doing some sort of team event like taking everyone bowling or paint balling as an effective way of enhancing relationships and helping people within the team to work better? Surely a great social night out with the team has got to be a good thing to do?


In our experience it can actually do more harm than good, taking your team bowling in attempt to develop them isn’t a great idea.  So instead in this Q&A video we’ll share a few ideas with you about some really practical things we think are better alternatives to help you effectively build your team.


As always please, give it a watch and let us know what you think


Til next time


Martin and Elizabeth

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