One:One – Carla Stent

Hi Martin here.


Elizabeth and I wanted to share  another video in our one to one series where we chat with different business leaders about their experiences and the challenges they’ve faced.


In this video we chat to Carla Stent who I’ve actually worked with during my time at Barclays.


Carla has held a variety of roles in the corporate world including Thomas Cook, Barclays and the Virgin group. She now runs her own, very successful consultancy business, sharing her experience and knowledge with a number of SME and large corporate businesses and organisations helping them to become more efficient and profitable.


In the video Carla shares what some might consider a very different perspective on leadership and who are the most challenging people to lead. I’m not going to spoil the video for you and tell you what they are now. You’ll have to watch and see what you think for yourself.


From my personal experience, when we worked together at Barclays and sat on a charity board together, Carla is one of the most challenging people I’ve ever met. She is never one to simply accept things at face value, but always strives to get underneath the surface of things to really understand what is really going on.


One of her most impressive qualities which I’d personally never seen in a senior leader before, is her willingness to openly share what she believes she needs to improve or work on, paving the way for others to feel comfortable and safe to do the same. I remember how powerful it was when I first saw Carla do that and it is something she continues to do to this day. You’ll even see it in the video.


Please, as always, give the video a watch and let Elizabeth and I know what you think



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