How to make your one-to-one’s more people focused

To truly turn the process of performance management into a leadership activity, we believe, it is the individual one-to-one’s that will make the biggest difference.


These are the leader’s best opportunity to really find out how the individual is doing, what is going on for them and how they feel about doing the job; in others words a great way of getting to:  “know your people, know your people, know your people” (golden rule of leadership). The mind-set of the leader needs to be one of genuine interest in the individual, rather than simply thinking of them as a way of measuring progress towards the results.


In our experience, these one-to-one’s need to be seen as the individual’s dedicated time with you as their boss – to discuss and talk about how they are feeling and the things that are important to them.


In order to assist with this we have developed a set of one-to-one questions that have worked for us over the years and we’ve included in the video above.  We believe, these questions when asked with genuine intent will provide leaders with all the data they need, both about the behaviour, the results and the individual themselves.


We’d love you to give the video a watch and see what you think….


Martin and Elizabeth



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