One:One – Jonathan Such


Throughout our careers we have met many leaders in various organisations; each with very different experiences.  With this in mind, and in another one of our occasional video series, we decided to sit down and chat with a few of these people so they can share their stories and the challenges they’ve faced with a wider audience.  We hope you find them both interesting and useful.


We wanted to start with Jonathan Such, Head of Sales for a motor finance company based in Nottingham.  Jonathan, Jonny to anyone who knows him, is someone who has worked his way up through the organisation over a 12 year period and now holds a senior management position within the company.


He was very ambitious early in his career and he quickly knew he wanted to lead and manage others, however like a lot of leaders we’ve worked with, and by his own admission, it wasn’t until he got the job that he realised he didn’t know exactly what it entailed.


From our perspective having worked with Jonny over a number of years, it’s fair to say he is clearly passionate about developing both himself and his people.  He has spent a considerable amount of time, mainly his own, learning new skills and then diligently applying them to his day to day activities until they have become a habit for him.  But not only that, he has then taken these new skills and effectively taught them to his people and you can definitely see the difference this had made, in both their performance and attitude.  Subsequently you can see in them the same passion and enthusiasm for developing and never standing still, that Jonny fundamentally believes himself.


We’d love to know what you think….


Martin & Elizabeth

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