Changing Paradigms – Sir Ken Robinson

Whilst it’s a few years old now, and a very different Ted Talk video we love this one for 3 main reasons:


Number 1:  It’s Sir Ken Robinson, and he is one of our very favourite speakers, if not our favourite!  He just has such a natural way of engaging his audience with his ideas.  For us this is based on his absolute passion for what he’s talking about – even though in this video you can’t see him, everything he says and how he says it demonstrates total congruency.  In other words you believe, he believes in what he’s talking about.


Number 2: The medium he uses in this video is quite simply enthralling.  So much so that you might find you need to watch it twice to pick up his message because you become so fixated on the drawing etc. On the face of it, not necessarily a good thing, but watch it and you’ll see what we mean.  It’s so engaging and a really clever & different way of presenting ideas.


Number 3: The message!  Where to start –what he says resonates so much for us, having worked in education for a number of years and seen first-hand the challenges many teachers face.   We’re not going to attempt to recreate his message; that would be foolish, instead we’d just encourage you to watch the video.


One of the most important qualities that we often talk about from a leadership perspective is having the courage to do what’s right and what you believe in – Sir Ken is a great exponent of this in our view.  In fact one of the things that really strikes us about this video, and potentially all of Sir Ken’s videos, is his willingness to challenge the conventional practices in education and present a compelling and completely different point of view.


Irrespective of whether you work in education, or have children yourselves – this is a great video to watch and it’s only just over 10 minutes.



Martin & Elizabeth

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