‘Leadership is not for everyone…but we all have the capacity to lead..’

This is a great video by one of our favourite leadership speakers  – Simon Sinek.


Pretty much everything he says within the first 10 minutes we agree with and is in line with our own ten Golden Rules of Leadership.  He talks about the need for organisations and individuals to realise that leading people requires a whole new set of skills, and simply promoting people into these roles without giving them the skills leads to a whole host of issues.


He makes the case that leadership is not for everyone, but we all have the capacity to ‘learn to lead’.


During the second half of the video he explains in depth the newer generations in the workplace, which we have blogged about before, but it’s still worth a watch especially where he refers to the work environment these new generations have to cope with.


To top it off he’s an incredibly engaging speaker who knows how to present his case in a smart, funny and compelling way


Check it out we think it’s well worth a watch.



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