‘Save the Shoes’

This is a great short video that really proves it’s the little things in life that often make the biggest difference, even if at the time it doesn’t appear that way.


As leaders it’s important for us to remember it’s not always the grand gestures our people need, like rewards and recognition, but more often than not someone taking the time to listen to them or take an interest in them can have just the same impact, if not more.


Don’t get us wrong, rewards are good, and when done with the individual in mind can be fantastic at motivating people; but so many leaders we’ve worked with miss the opportunity to motivate their people on a daily basis by asking a simple question like: ‘how are you?’ or ‘how’s it going?’ and then genuinely listening and responding to the answer.


In our experience these small but significant gestures are the difference between good leaders and great leaders.


Enjoy the video!


Martin & Elizabeth 

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