5 Minute Leadership Q&A How do I get my boss to do more of this leadership stuff?

Yes it’s that time again – another one of our 5 minute leadership Q&A’s.  This month it’s a question we got sent by a couple of people and is actually something we’ve both struggled with in our careers.


It can get pretty disheartening if you’re trying your best to use the leadership tools and be the best leader you can for your people, but you don’t see your boss doing the same for you.  It almost makes you think why should I bother!


Now we can’t say there’s any easy fix, but in this video we do offer four tips for how to encourage your boss to be the leader you need them to be.  Yes it does involve effort on your part, which might seem unfair, but as we say in the video leadership isn’t a hierarchical activity.  You need to help your boss develop, just as you do your people, but don’t forget you’ll also benefit from this by getting what you need.


Let us know what you think


Martin and Elizabeth

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