How do I deal with someone who just doesn’t want to be here?

Both of us have at one time or another been exactly the person this Q&A is about – the person who simply doesn’t want to be there, but keeps turning up every morning, even though you wish they wouldn’t. They have a bad attitude and it’s clear they are not happy in their work.  We have also both worked in a team with a person like this and typically they tend to suck the life out of everyone else and try to make them feel as bad as they do.  If you’re anything like us we ended up getting more and more frustrated with our leader for not actually dealing with them and letting them effectively ‘get away’ with behaving so badly.


Needless to say each one of these situations will have a potentially massive impact not just on the individual in question but also the wider team and the results.


It’s a big challenge that many of us will face in our careers as leaders but all too often we do nothing about it as we become too scared to deal with it or we mistakenly believe it will sort it itself out.


In this Q&A we share with you some of our ideas about how best to tackle these situations and how nine times out of ten, you can actually, with a little bit of time and effort turn these people around.  If you have a person like this working for you, we really hope the video gives you some ideas about how to deal with them….


We’d love you to give the video a watch and see what you think….


Martin and Elizabeth

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