How do I make my team meetings more interesting and motivational?

This month’s leadership Q&A is a topic close to our hearts – how to make team meetings more interesting and motivational?


Throughout our respective careers we must have sat in hundreds of team meetings and can honestly say maybe only a handful of them have been truly energising and engaging.  So many of them were simply information downloads, or long irrelevant presentations.


Most teams only have a finite amount of time to spend together, especially these days when there barely seems to be enough hours in the day.  Because of this we firmly believe leaders need to fully maximise this precious time and not waste it on merely sharing information that could have been done another way.


Team meetings are a great opportunity for individuals to have the time and space to share ideas, opinions and debate and discuss issues, in order for well thought through decisions to be made.


In the Q&A we share with you 5 hints and tips to help you make the most of your team meetings, so your team members actually look forward to them and see them as a good use of their time.


Hope you find it useful…..



Martin & Elizabeth

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