One:One – Trevor Brown

In this One:One video we sat down and chatted to Trevor Brown the Headteacher at St Joseph’s Roman Catholic High School in Newport South Wales, who was one of the first Headteachers we ever worked with.


Over the last four years most of the Middle Leaders in St Joseph’s have attended our Inspirational Leadership programme and we’ve even been lucky enough to facilitate a variety of different sessions for a number of year groups within the school.


Trevor has worked in education for his entire career in a variety of different roles, both within schools and the local authority, so has a broad range of experiences and perspectives.  St Joseph’s RC High School is recognised by Estyn (Wales Ofsted equivalent) as an excellent school – the highest rating they award.


For us, Trevor is one of those people who doesn’t realise quite how inspirational he actually is. His obvious passion and commitment to his staff and the ‘young people’ in the school shines through.   You only have to watch the video to notice he very rarely uses the word ‘I’, instead always referring to ‘we’ or the ‘school’.  As the Headteacher he engenders a real spirit of teamwork, not just through what he says but also what he does.


He is one of the most people focused leaders we have worked with.  For example, although not actually in the video itself he did chat to us about how as a leadership team they spend time deciding on the messages they want to communicate to the school;  but perhaps even more importantly on how those messages may impact the people involved and what they, as the leadership team, need to do to ensure they are received in the right way.


We promise we didn’t put him up to it, but you’ll notice Trevor quotes a number of the ten golden rules of leadership, (we have done quite of bit of work with St Joseph’s over the years).  However we hope you agree that he goes on to qualify how they put them into practice, proving as Trevor puts it, they are ‘part of how we do business’, rather than just throw away lines or words on a wall.


Hope you enjoy the video!


Martin & Elizabeth

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