Dead or Dormant???

Here’s a real treat before Christmas and probably our final blog of the year before the festivities begin.


The video above is absolutely one of our favourites and whilst it’s not new it’s still brilliant, as is pretty much anything Sir Ken Robinson does (in our eyes anyway!)


Some of you may have seen his previous video about creativity in education (if you haven’t you really should), which is now the most watched video on TED with over 36 million views.  He is quite simply one of the most engaging and inspiring speakers we have ever come across – from the moment he starts talking you’ll see what we mean….


The reason we love this video so much is it speaks to both people working in education and in business about leadership, which is of course right up our street.


Sir Ken’s key messages here are on the surface all about Education, and predominantly in America where he lives, but in our experience of working with over 60 schools in the UK in recent years what he says completely rings true and explains many of their current challenges.


Interestingly we also work with a number of businesses as well and most of his messages can be translated to them as well, especially from a leadership perspective.


In truth it doesn’t matter where you work or if at all – anyone can enjoy and appreciate listening to such a fantastic orator as Sir Ken!


It might be 19 minutes long, but trust us it’s well worth the watch……Enjoy!



Martin & Elizabeth

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