Crazy man dancing in a field…


We were first introduced to this video a few years back when we were running a Leadership Development programme for one of our clients and it really struck a chord with us, especially when you consider the messages from a leadership perspective.


We remember discussing it with a particular group of participants who were struggling to believe that they alone could make a difference to the culture of their organisation.  They really wanted to buy into the leadership tools we had been sharing with them, but were concerned that they wouldn’t be given enough time to practice them, as the organisation was extremely task and results driven.


At that point one of the participants mentioned this video his manager had shown him, about a ‘crazy man dancing in a field’ and how it had helped him to realise that actually if he stuck at it long enough it was possible to have a positive impact even if he was the only one doing anything different.


Needless to say we then all watched the video together.


We love the simplicity of the message that behaving in a certain way, even though you may be the only one doing it is enough to create a movement.  It’s worth remembering that doing something you believe is right, even if no one else is doing it, is still worth doing – all you need to do is find that ‘first follower’ and you’ll start to make a difference.


Enjoy the video – it’s a good watch we promise.


At this point we want to thank our very own ‘crazy man dancing in a field’ for sharing the video with us – This is for you Mike – Keep dancing!



Martin & Elizabeth

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