Providing leaders, in business & education, with a practical toolkit that really works

We understand what leadership looks like in practice rather than just in theory, as we both have first-hand experience of what it’s like to be given the badge of leader, without the tools to go with it.  


As a result of this we have created the ten golden rules of leadership, a set of highly practical guiding principles, that will help any leader effectively manage performance, address behavioural issues and motivate and develop their people.

How to avoid the 5 mistakes most leaders make when implementing change!

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Programme run over a number of months, focused on developing a comprehensive leadership toolkit + increasing overall leadership capability


Working with a specific team using various tools to solve team issues, build relationship and improve overall team performance


Full needs analysis to help clients / organisations effectively diagnose the root cause of their specific development requirements


Structured approach to develop internal resource to deliver specific material


Focused on helping an individual to explore possible solutions to specific issues or challenges they may be facing


Practical workshops focused on the development of capability and confidence of one key skill

The Golden Rules of Leadership©

  • Typically we work with people who want help with:

    • Delivering difficult messages
    • Dealing with inappropriate behaviour
    • Implementing change 
    • Building a high performing team
    • Increasing levels of responsibility and confidence 
    • Addressing low standards
    • Succession planning
    • Managing people who think they are better than they are.
    • Time management

The Co-operative

The Co-operative

Cardiff and Newport Headteachers

Cardiff and Newport Headteachers

St Joseph's Roman Catholic High School

St Joseph's Roman Catholic High School

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