Hi I’m Martin, and I’m proud to say I love what I do, and the fact every day is different!


For over 20 years I have specialised in designing and delivering impactful and sustainable leadership and management development solutions, underpinned by accepted leadership theory but also are firmly rooted in practical application in the workplace.


I enjoy telling stories; especially about times when I as a leader got it very wrong, in the hope others don’t have to make the same mistakes I made.  I find building rapport with most people easy, which in turn helps me to challenge and get them to critically evaluate both what their strengths are and what they might need to change.


I have experience developing leaders and managers at all organisational levels from a diverse range of cultures and learning styles, and have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work all over the world including Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.


I have previously been asked to host a number of large corporate events, and am qualified in the use of the following behavioural techniques: MBTI® Step One, PRISM neuroscience, APTER Reversal Theory, SDI, Situational Leadership II and Belbin questionnaires.

Hi I’m Elizabeth and I have been lucky enough to work as a leadership and management consultant for over 12 years.


I passionately believe great leadership makes all the difference to any organisation and I enjoy working with clients from all sectors and at all levels, to enhance and develop every aspect of their leadership capability.


By focusing on the practical application of theory, I feel I am able to genuinely challenge mind-sets and change behaviour, resulting in a sustainable improvement in both personal and organisational performance.


I enjoy the whole end to end experience of working in partnership with a client from initial consultancy, through to the design and delivery of sessions and then finally the review and evaluation of results.


My background is working in a variety of sectors and different organisations, as both an operational line manager and a learning & development professional.  I have extensive experience in facilitation, experiential learning, consultancy and programme design / development and am also a qualified coach. I am a licensed practitioner for NLP, MBTI® Step One, Firo B and Apter Reversal Theory.

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